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Full Coverage Service & Support for Customer’s productivity
Hanwha Power Systems has 5 Service Centers and Warehouse throughout the world.
Hanwha Power Systems has more than 50 Authorized Service Agents and 2 Authorized Repair Centers globally.
Solutions for Performance and Uptime
Hanwha Power Systems provides round the clock support to customers worldwide.
Our Global Service portfolio includes a range of specific services to meet customers needs.
Hanwha Power Systems provides full support for both planned and unplanned maintenance, as well as other value added services whenever you need them and wherever your plant is located.
Our Services Include

Provide Genuine Parts

Preventive Maintenance (S1 ~ S4)
  • Inspections / Major Overhaul

Installation & Commissioning

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Offer a series of Monitoring, Diagnostics, Advisory and
    turning service.

Solution for Energy Saving
  • Energy Diagnostic check.
  • Aerodynamic Modification for maximum operating efficiency.
  • Load Sharing System to operate compressors with minimum energy consumption.

Training for Compressor Operation
  • CS Basic
  • CS Pro
  • User Training
Hanwha Power Systems Service & Support
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