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- World 1st integrally geared compressor  for offshore

  vapor recovery unit(VRU)

- Best fit for lethal service with substantial content of H2S,

  SO2 , Chlorides, etc.

- Optimum and proven components for relible operation

- API standard 617 compliance


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1 Brochure 2023-09-04 Hanwha Power Systems Process & Gas Solutions down


               • Gases: Air, any combination of hydrocarbons and other gases such as N2 and CO2

               • Stage: Single and multi-stage (1–6 stages) gear type centrifugal compressors

               • Range: up to 300, 000 m³/h, 75bar

               • International Spec: Compliance with API617, API672, API614, and other API / global specifications

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